Eats Everything DJs in hot air balloon from Bath to Bristol

A DJ has played a set during a hot air balloon journey from Bath to Bristol.

Eats Everything, whose real name is Dan Pearce, performed for 45-minutes up in the air to mark the release of his new single.

The Bristol-based DJ and music producer is known for playing in unusual places, including an ice cream van, a chip shop, a gondola and a bakery.

He said: "I think I may just have outdone myself with a hot balloon ride."

The DJ was approached by The Hot Air Balloon Company who asked if he wanted to try DJing in one of their balloons.

Mr Pearce said it was an opportunity to do something a bit different because the track is "not such a club banger" as his other releases.

The balloon ride took off from Monkton Combe School just outside Bath and landed at Avon Farm in Bristol.

It was the DJ's first time in a hot air balloon and he said it was the "maddest" place he had ever played.

"We thought we'd go in a balloon and have a lovely time," he said.

"It's amazing how big they are, the operation is crazy."

The stunt celebrates the release of Eats Everything's new single R&L, named after his sons Ralph and Lennie.

He said the song is "a tribute, really, to the emotion (joy and pain) that those little legends have brought into my life".

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