EastEnders star Molly Rainford hints at future for Anna and Bobby

EastEnders spoilers follow

EastEnders star Molly Rainford has hinted at what the future holds for her character Anna Knight, and Bobby Beale.

The relationship between the pair is more than slightly complicated; Anna is the daughter of long-lost Cindy Beale, who is also the mother of Bobby's brother Peter and his late siblings Steven and Lucy. The two are not biologically related, however.

Speaking to TV Times magazine, the former Strictly star explained where the pair's relationship could go.

"I think Anna realised pretty soon after she arrived that she had feelings for Bobby Beale [Clay Milner Russell]."

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Continuing, she said that the circumstances are "hard" due to the confusing nature of her and Bobby's familial ties.

"But it's a hard situation to navigate when you've got someone who's part of your family, but not your family. It would be really cute if they could make a go of things."

Rainford then threw another name into the mix, saying that fellow EastEnders and Strictly double-timer Bobby Brazier was also a possibility for Anna.

"Freddie is the obvious guy for her to go for, but maybe the underdog will surprise her in the end!"

anna knight, bobby beale, eastenders

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The EastEnders star also said that Anna wants to make up with Cindy.

"It's so hard for Anna, because she wants to do right by her dad, but she also wants a relationship with her mum," she said.

"I think there are some plans coming up where there's a bit more balance."

A new direction was confirmed for Anna after a shocking twist revealed that Anna and Gina's long-lost mum 'Rose' is actually Ian Beale's ex-wife Cindy, who was presumed dead since 1998.

" I think actually if you look deep down, Gina is the one who is slightly more scared by the whole thing, perhaps because she's seen a bit more and because she's a bit older when it all happened," Rainford explained.

"Anna will take being mothered from Gina for as long as she needs to, but actually she's there to step up when Gina is a bit more vulnerable."

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