EastEnders star Michelle Collins talks "incredibly moving" Gina and Anna scenes

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders star Michelle Collins has opened up about her returning character Cindy's "incredibly moving" scenes with Gina and Anna.

Cindy was revealed to be George Knight's missing wife 'Rose' back in in June, and she's been living in France with her ex-husband Ian and son Peter.

However, when Cindy finally returns to Walford and comes face-to-face with her daughters Gina and Anna next week, she sends shockwaves throughout the entire Square.

cindy beale and ian beale in eastenders

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Opening up about the "moving" scenes, Michelle – who has reprised her role as Cindy – told Digital Spy and other media: "It's been very hard for Cindy. She had to leave nine years ago, and not to see your kids in nine years is hard and she's going to have to work very hard for them to understand the reasons why she did it.

"I think it's very hard for women because people are not very accepting of women leaving their children as opposed to a man.

"I think women have to fight that bit harder to be understood, because it's all supposed to be the mother never leaves the children and you are judged a lot harsher than a man is if you do."

She added: "It's all about Cindy trying to make people understand. She knows she's not going to be forgiven. It was pretty awful what happened, and it's a constant battle and I think it's going to be an ongoing battle."

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Michelle went on to explain that Cindy has a lot of personal issues to sort out, such as the grief she still harbours over her daughter Lucy's death.

She continued: "She's got a lot of balls to go back after everything that's happened. It is scary for her to go back and to face everybody."

Discussing Cindy's reaction to Bobby Beale accidentally killing his half-sister Lucy in a fit of anger back in 2014, Michelle shared: "It's difficult with Bobby. He did something and he paid for it – he went to prison and he's out.

"It is hard for Cindy to understand that. These are the things that we're addressing and working through."

"Everyone really cares about getting it right and that is really important for everybody," the soap star concluded. "I worried about all these things as well but I think the writers are great, actually. They're really good."

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