EastEnders' Sharon Watts faces big dilemma after Albie discovery

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Sharon Watts is facing a major dilemma over son Albie's paternity in EastEnders.

Sharon was gobsmacked earlier this week when she discovered that Phil Mitchell is her son Albie's biological father — not Keanu Taylor as she'd always believed.

It turns out that Albie has a rare genetic disease called Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency (AATD), which has to be passed down in the genes from both parents.

While Sharon is a carrier of AATD, she learned that Keanu Taylor doesn't actually carry the gene. This must mean Phil is Albie's father, since Sharon was married to Phil at the time Albie was conceived.

eastenders sharon watts and phil mitchell

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Thursday's (November 16) episode saw Sharon struggling over what she was going to do with this revelation. Sharon snapped at Keanu at their engagement drinks, though she couldn't bring herself to tell Phil the truth about Albie's paternity either.

Her brother Zack Hudson eventually found Sharon sitting alone on Denny's memorial bench, leading her to finally share what she's been going through. Zack — who has had his own fertility struggles with Whitney Dean — tried to support Sharon by offering his sister some heartfelt advice.

"[The fertility and adoption struggles] made me realise that I don't care if a kid has got my blood running through his veins or not," Zack told her. "As long as I care and I love, that's all that's important, that's all that matters — that I care and I love."

eastenders sharon watts and zack hudson

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Sharon went to see Phil at Peggy's to confess everything but stopped short when he made a cruel comment about how Albie's illness could be blamed on Keanu's genes.

Instead, she went home to Keanu and pretended nothing was wrong as he assured her how much he loves her.

Will Sharon come clean?

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