EastEnders' Jack Branning to take action in Stacey stalker story

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Walford cop Jack Branning has promised to take action against Stacey Slater's stalker in EastEnders.

Jack initially wanted to get involved a few weeks ago, when Theo held Stacey captive in her kitchen while her daughter Lily was giving birth to Charli Slater.

Stacey and Martin talked Jack out of taking action at the time because they thought they'd scared off Theo. That turned out not to be the case as Theo has now bought the flat next to No.31.

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In upcoming scenes, Stacey has a terrible shock when she ends up coming face-to-face with her stalker while she's all alone in the Walford garden.

Jack offers support following Theo's intimidation and says he will help her get an interim order of protection against him.

The Walford PD detective also promises that he'll be on hand when Theo is served the stalking order in case he tries any threatening behaviour.

Later, Stacey tries to keep up a brave face when she's once again confronted by Theo. Although she's determined not to let him see how terrified she is, she later privately breaks down.

These scenes are all set to air next week.

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Theo originally gained the trust of the Slater family by offering to become Lily's private tutor, though they had no idea he was also an anonymous client paying Stacey for adult content.

The stalker grew more sadistic as he sent Stacey threatening messages while pretending to be a shoulder to cry on until he was finally caught out by Stacey, Martin and Eve earlier in the month.

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