EastEnders' Ian Beale to get a warning from Phil after return

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders' Phil Mitchell will issue a warning to Ian Beale in upcoming scenes, after the latter makes a surprise return to Albert Square.

As regular viewers will know, Ian fled Walford in 2021 after finding out that his then-wife Sharon was poisoning him as revenge for his involvement in the boat accident that claimed her son Denny's life.

Ian has since settled down in France with his first wife Cindy and their son Peter, but he returns to the Square next week hot on the heels of Cindy, who, unlike Ian, is unaware that her former husband George Knight and their two daughters Anna and Gina are now living there.

george knight, ian beale and cindy beale in eastenders

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Despite Ian's efforts to keep Cindy away, she soon learns the truth when they bump into George as he's walking out of The Vic.

Not wanting to infringe, Ian and Peter head to the launderette, where the latter joins the dots as to why his father was so worried about Cindy returning to Walford.

Peter later heads to The Vic to celebrate Anna's birthday, with Ian eventually following suit until he bumps into Sharon and Phil, who are shocked to see him.

peter beale and ian beale in eastenders

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Ian tries to avoid them, but Phil quickly makes it plain that he wants Ian gone immediately, while Sharon musters up the courage to have a conversation with him.

Later, Ian heads to No.45 to reunite with Kathy, who is still reeling from Cindy’s arrival and their explosive encounter.

When Ian finally reveals Cindy's connection to the Knight family, Kathy is stunned once again.

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