EastEnders' Ben Mitchell to spark more concern in emotional Lexi story

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell will spark more concern as Lexi prepares for her first day of secondary school.

Ben has been struggling in recent weeks with an eating disorder, which stems from his traumatic rape by Lewis Butler.

Ben had been shutting everybody out in the immediate aftermath, refusing to talk to anybody until Kat managed to find a way through his emotional armour.

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She eventually convinced him to seek therapy for his woes, and things were looking positive as he began to share his feelings with others.

In next week’s scenes, it’s an emotional time for Ben as he prepares daughter Lexi for her first day at secondary school, a pivotal moment in any child’s life.

He still harbours anxieties, however, and heads to The Vic for a pint before being summoned home by Callum.

As Lexi expresses her enthusiasm and excitement for her first day, Callum can’t help but notice that Ben is still not fully mended, but the latter insists he’s still fine…

ben mitchell, lexi mitchell, callum highway, eastenders

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Max Bowden, who has played Ben since 2019, recently spoke about his character’s emotional journey, revealing that there are “little sparks of growth.”

“He tends to be quite a lone wolf, quite an insular human being and this is something that he does to try and take control of the situation,” revealed Bowden. “Right now it’s a question of dealing with everything on the outside by attacking himself on the inside.

“Ben's default setting is to defend, so he’ll always defend himself when he feels like he’s on the back foot. We are starting to see little sparks of growth with him, but defence is his immediate reaction,” he added.

Beat is a charity which raises awareness and understanding of eating disorders, and supports those affected by them. It has a one-to-one secure messaging service, and details of its phone helplines can be found here.

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