EastEnders airs aftermath to Eve twist in latest iPlayer episode

Major EastEnders spoilers follow from tonight's episode on BBC iPlayer, which is available to watch now. Some readers may prefer to avoid these storyline details, as the episode won't be airing on BBC One until this evening (August 22).

EastEnders has aired the aftermath of Eve's violent revenge on Caz.

Scenes airing in yesterday's iPlayer episode saw Eve brutally attack Caz, the woman responsible for killing her twin sister in a drink-driving accident 30 years ago.

Both episodes will air as a double bill on BBC One from 7pm tonight due to ongoing scheduling changes this week.

suki kaur panesar eve unwin eastenders

Suki and Stacey were horrified to find Eve attacking Caz and immediately tried to diffuse the situation.

Stacey took a shaken Caz back to No.31 but the situation intensified when Suki and Eve arrived as well.

Once alone with Caz, a scheming Theo meddled and encouraged Caz to go to the police.

theo caz eastenders

Viewers know that Theo is threatened by the close bond Eve shares with Stacey and has been looking for a way to get Eve out of the picture for a while.

Suki was furious when she overheard what Theo was trying to do and immediately interrupted.

Caz made her excuses for the bathroom, but it’s not long before Suki discovers she’d actually left for the police station.

theo hawthorne suki kaur panesar caz eastenders

Stacey managed to find Caz and begged her not to go to the police, telling her how much she needed Eve in her life.

Stacey urged Caz to have an honest conversation with Eve back at No.31, where Caz eventually forgave Eve for her actions.

Eve wasn't able to do the same and told Caz to leave and never come back.

Stacey then consoled a heartbroken Eve, while simultaneously turning down Theo’s invitation for a drink.

theo hawthorne suki kaur panesar caz eastenders

This only intensified Theo's hatred of Eve even more, but it seems like suspicions could finally be rising with some in regards to his increasingly sinister behaviour.

Earlier in the episode, Suki questioned Eve on Theo's intentions, explaining that she'd overheard him trying to meddle with Caz. Will this also spark Eve's suspicions?

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EastEnders airs on Mondays - Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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