Dyson is launching a new Supersonic hairdryer

It’s impossible to ignore Dyson’s grip on the beauty world. Every fancy hotel and boutique fitness studio touts Dyson Supersonic dryers in the bathroom as a feature and benefit. The Dyson Airwrap revolutionised the bouncy blowout and is one of TikTok’s most viral success stories. The brand just debuted the Supersonic r, a new professional-only hair dryer, at New York Fashion Week (more on that below). And if that launch felt like a tease (why should only stylists get a new dryer?)—then you’re in for a treat. Eight years after the brand’s first foray into the world of hair care, Dyson is launching its next iteration of the coveted Supersonic, the Nural.

“We’ve been developing electric motors for vacuums for a number of years, and we suddenly realised we could make a really tiny—and more efficient—motor for a hairdryer,” James Dyson tells Bazaar in an exclusive interview. “We love creating something that’s different and better. Beauty is a lovely place to be in, because people instantly get excited about it. I’d love to say the same about vacuum cleaners.”

At first glance, the Supersonic Nural looks very similar to the original iteration—and while it is still an energy-conscious, low-heat dryer, the new device is smaller despite the addition of new features. One of the biggest upgrades from the first Supersonic is the new 'scalp mode', which automatically reduces heat as the device moves closer to your hair to protect the scalp—a major focus when it comes to hair health. Plus, the centre of the device contains an LED light that changes colours when in this mode, so you know when your scalp is protected.

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“We also knew that heat was a big issue, and it damages both your scalp and hair, so we strived to make it easier to control the heat on your head,” Dyson says of the new feature. The Dyson engineering team has been researching hair health since well before the launch of the first Supersonic in 2016, says head of innovation Nathan Imhasly, and focusing on the scalp was a feature the brand has wanted to integrate into its products for years.

“We strive to understand everything there is to know about hair, and our fascination with the science of hair drives us to design our technology to solve frustrations surrounding hair health,” Imhasly says.

He adds: “While many [companies] might invest time and money into hair and skincare, they might overlook … the effects of extreme heat on [the scalp]. Knowing that, we created scalp mode for the Supersonic Nural, to use a network of sensors that auto-adapts to your drying techniques, so that your scalp is protected and the hair is shinier.”

The brand took user feedback into account and integrated other new features into the Supersonic Nural to make drying easier and, in true Dyson fashion, better for your hair. Along with the scalp mode, Dyson also added attachment learning technology, so the dryer automatically recognises which attachment is in use and adjusts the speed and heat accordingly. The Nural also offers 'pause detect', which senses when you put down the device and automatically turns off the heat and motor (also reducing the noise).

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Even the attachments for the Supersonic Nural are more advanced, with the addition of the wave-and-curl diffuser to create frizz-free, loose waves. This was the attachment I was most excited about when trying the dryer at the brand’s offices in Malmesbury. As someone with naturally wavy hair (rather than tight curls or coils, which diffusers are usually targeted at), I’m looking forward to having a styling option ahead of summer to help play up my natural texture.

Dyson products are known for their bright colour combinations (the brand even has an entire department dedicated to perfecting the unique hues of every tool), and the Nural is no different—the new device is available in two colorways: a purple-and-orange option, and a turquoise-and-orange combo. The Dyson Supersonic Nural will be available later this spring, retailing at around £399.99. If you’re feeling antsy, you can sign up to the newsletter to be one of the first to try it.

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Meanwhile, professional stylists should look to the Dyson Supersonic r hairdryer, the brand's lightest, smallest, and most precise styling tool ergonomically designed in a revolutionary ‘r’ curve. Hairstylist and co-founder of West London salon The Loch, Richard Schroeder, is certain the brand has revolutionised the salon styling process once again.

"The Supersonic r did take a little getting used to through the first appointments, but after a couple of days our team found it difficult to go back to a traditional hairdryer," he says. "It's significantly lighter and yet more powerful, with stand-out features including an instant cool blast (invaluable when setting a long, bouncy blow-dry) and an impressive diffuser which doesn't retain too much heat, making it much more comfortable for the client."

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