'A dynamic player that gets you off your seat'

Iliman Ndiaye
[Getty Images]

France-based sports journalist Luke Entwistle spoke to BBC Radio Merseyside about Everton's new signing Iliman Ndiaye and his struggles at Marseille:

"It was a significant step up, going from a team in the Championship [Sheffield United] to a team competing in the Europa League who got all the way to the semi-final.

"I take comfort from the fact that his numbers for shot-creating actions, carries and his connections in tight spaces in the final third didn't see a significant drop [from Sheffield United to Marseille].

"That paints a picture of a club that was lacking consistency and identity - they didn't know what they wanted to do in possession. They were changing formation pretty much every other match, which doesn't help a player like Ndiaye who really thrives off consistency and understanding with his attacking partners.

"If [he] can find that at Everton, I'd be quite confident that he can put up some decent numbers and be a good creator within the team.

"He generally played on the right for Marseille, but he's very versatile and can play centrally and as a second striker. He is a player that likes to dribble and a great player in transition. He's very dynamic and gets you off your seat."

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