Dwayne Johnson Is on Board with Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Relationship: ‘Love It’

“Guy starts dating a girl who happens to be the biggest star in the world and he’s a badass SOB on the field,” Johnson said in a new interview this week

<p>Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty; Patrick Smith/Getty</p> Dwayne Johnson, Jason Kelce and Taylor Swift.

Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty; Patrick Smith/Getty

Dwayne Johnson, Jason Kelce and Taylor Swift.

Dwayne Johnson is revealing his thoughts about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship.

The Black Adam actor, 51, shared in an interview with CNN Sports ahead of Super Bowl LVIII that he’s on board with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end dating Swift, whom Johnson worked with on her music video for “The Man.”

“I love it,” he told CNN on Friday. “I don’t have a problem with it. I feel like it’s all part of the game, and it’s all the game that we play.”

“Guy starts dating a girl who happens to be the biggest star in the world and he’s a badass SOB on the field,” Johnson added.

<p>David Eulitt/Getty Images; Dustin Satloff/Getty Images</p> Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce pictured.

David Eulitt/Getty Images; Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce pictured.

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Despite being all in on their love story, the former WWE champion also noted that in order for Kelce, 34, to help his team win the coveted Super Bowl ring this year he would need to focus solely on playing the game to the best of his ability.

“He’s a bad dude in the game and it’s part of a story, but at the end of the day – and I shared this with a few people I’ve talked to privately – is just all that goes away,” Johnson said. “All that stuff goes away. You have to strip it all away and you have one intention and one focus and that’s just to ball out and play the game.”

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<p>Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images</p> Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce (87) flexes to celebrate a 4-yard touchdown reception in the second quarter of an NFL football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs on Nov 20, 2023 at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, MO.

Johnson said that everything Kelce and his team has worked for this year all comes down to the Super Bowl.

“That’s the beauty of it. Like you got all the bells and the whistles and the cache and the pomp and circumstance and all this awesome hype that happens surrounding this Super Bowl,” he said. “This is a big one this year. It’s a big one, man, with a lot on the line and legacy on the line.”

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“The boys still got to go out and ball out – and that’s it.” Johnson added. “There’s going to be two teams in there – one leaves a champion.”

As for who Johnson is rooting for in the big game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, he admitted to CNN that while he has a loyalty to San Francisco, he thinks the Chiefs have the edge this time.

“I was born in the Bay Area, but you can’t root against KC,” he said. “I’m telling you, man. Those are bad dudes, man. Both teams are. I just feel like there’s greatness on both sides.”

<p>Arne Dedert/picture alliance via Getty</p> Hesse, Frankfurt/Main: American Football: NFL, Before the season game Kansas City Chiefs - Miami Dolphins, Chiefs press conference. Tight end Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs speaks during the press conference on the DFB campus.

Meanwhile, Kelce himself had some words to share about the upcoming game. Speaking with his brother, Jason Kelce on the Thursday episode of their podcast New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, the tight end discussed his "focus."

"We’ve got one week man, if we do what we need to do and we play our game and we find a way to win this game, we can party and have fun in Vegas for the rest of our lives," Travis, 34, said.

"You’ve got to focus on this game for what is it, five more days now," he continued.

"And that’s the biggest focus. Let all the excitement... there will be plenty of Super Bowls for you to attend for the festivities when you’re done playing the game, or still playing, and I think everybody is pretty motivated and still locked in on the task in hand, and it’s exciting being out here in Vegas, I’ll tell you that."

Super Bowl LVIII will air live on Sun. at 6:30 p.m. ET on CBS and Paramount+.

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