Dundee 2-3 Hearts: What the manager said

Dundee manager Tony Docherty: "I would love to come in after a game and talk about my team and how good they've been.

"But it seems to be the last five weeks all you do is talk about decisions. I just spoke to big Ash there, who is the most honest boy you could meet.

"What are you meant to do there? Are you meant to cut off a body part? What are you meant to do when you are a yard away from the player and it hits you.

"It was such a pivotal point in the game. We had gone from 1-1 to score a wonderful goal to go 2-1 up and I thought we were comfortable.

"Hearts are a really good side with a top striker in Lawrence Shankland. I thought we were handling it well but it was just that moment in the game that changed everything.

"Why doesn't he go and check it? I don't understand. He's told me: 'Had I seen it again...' Why did you not go and see it again?

"We have invested as an industry and a football club in a piece of apparatus there that you can go and check.

"Yet you don't do that. It is just galling for me."