Dua Lipa’s leather strapless top is actually just belts

dua lipa belt top
Dua Lipa’s strapless top is actually just belts@hrrydaniels - Instagram

Dua Lipa has been hella busy as of late. From announcing her new album, Radical Optimism, and all the accompanying promo, to taking in awards szn with a stop at the Golden Globes for Barbie and a performance at the Brits. Oh, the life of a pop star...

She's made sure to take her followers along for the ride with regular updates on Instagram, and we are super grateful. But her latest social media update comes courtesy of TikTok influencer, Harry Daniels. Sometimes referred to as a celebrity troll because he regularly ambushes celebrities and sings their own songs to them, that's exactly what Harry did when he met Dua Lipa, breaking into an acapella rendition of 'Houdini'.

While Dua did join in with him at the end of the performance, vocals aside we were more focused on her off-duty ensemble in the video – a stylish take on the 'jeans and a nice top' outfit formula.

She paired low-rise, baggy boyfriend-fit jeans with a strapless black leather top that featured ornate gold buckle detailing down the centre. But upon closer inspection, it appears her top is actually just belts? The design features one belt across her bust, a second extra-wide belt wrapping around her middle, with a third belt completing the hem of the top sat on her waist.

And it appears we weren't the only ones distracted, with one follower commenting on Harry's Instagram post of the pair, "wait i love her top".

Dua's belt top comes after Heidi Klum shared a closer look at her pink belt dress she wore to film Germany's Next Top Model.

The midi dress featured strips of pink leather shaped into a sweetheart neckline with multiple silver buckles threaded through the fabric at varying intervals down the design.

And who could forget Julia Fox's belt bag? Hmm, we spy a trend... But the jury's still out on whether it will catch on or not.

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