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'Don't judge me': Woman's super-organized fridge includes framed photos, potted plants and not a lot of food

Does everything have to be aesthetic these days?

A lifestyle influencer is getting mixed reviews after giving tours of her highly organized — and heavily styled — refrigerator. Because even though #CleanTok is a mecca for satisfying cleaning and organizational videos, a lot of people feel this one goes just a bit too far.

Eve Scampoli (@gardenof_eve), who frequently takes viewers inside her super clean fridge, recently uploaded the tour. “A clean fridge + flowers = comfort,” Scampoli wrote in the video while showing off her clutter-free fridge.

In the post caption, she added, “IM NOT CRAZY, IM HAPPY.”

Inside the fridge, we see three lemons carefully placed on a shelf next to multiple containers of bright red cherry tomatoes. Red and yellow bell peppers are stacked attractively inside a glass cylinder, and organic eggs are inside another glass case shaped like a large egg. There are stacked cans of San Pellegrino, pull-out drawers filled with containers of fresh spinach and even a large spaghetti squash on display.

But those aren’t the parts of the fridge catching the most heat. People are scratching their heads over the large bouquet of flowers that takes up most of the top shelf. They also can’t figure out why there’s a framed photo of Scampoli’s cat or an oddly placed cat statue. (Scampoli later clarifies that it holds a succulent plant.)

But most of all, they can’t get over why she would waste time making her fridge look pretty when the actual food supply is sparse.

“where’s the FOOD???” one person immediately questioned in the comments.

“when did we start decorating inside the fridge,” another person wondered aloud.

“But the food does not fit with so many decorations,” someone else said.

Others accused her of having way too much time on her hands and setting unrealistic expectations.

“You obviously live alone and have no children,” one person wrote. “Im a massive clean freak; you have a massive issue.”

This isn’t the first time Scampoli’s gotten some side-eye for her unique fridge designs. In fact, she’s been called “psychotic” and even “deranged” for some of her past videos.

“Why do you have a picture of a cat in your fridge??” someone asked on a TikTok from January.

“This is where I draw the line,” another person wrote.

Another commenter, who was clearly not a fan of the whole thing, simply told her: “ENOUGH.”

On the other hand, Scampoli hasn’t worked her way to nearly 50,000 followers without earning at least a few fans. Despite the many negative comments, there are also many positive ones.

“Obsessed!” one TikToker wrote on her latest video.

“I need to do this!” declared another.

“This is the most bizarre but oddly nice thing I’ve ever seen,” yet another user shared.

Scampoli recently spoke with TODAY and admitted that she’s in on the joke regarding all the “extra” parts of her fridge. But she still truly enjoys making new designs each week and says that she first started creating a more minimalistic fridge after noticing just how much food waste she was producing.

The good news is she doesn’t seem too bothered by all the negative comments. And ironically, all of the hate directed at her recent fridge post is kind of misdirected. According to another TikTok posted by Scampoli, it was designed based on suggestions from her followers!

“Don’t judge me,” Scampoli captioned the post. “Judge everyone else.”

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