'You don't always get the reward for hard work'

Burnley's Manager Vincent Kompany
[Getty Images]

Burnley manager Vincent Kompany to BBC Match of the Day: "We came up against a better side, the team gave it everything. A very good start to the game. I don't think we lacked opportunities to be dangerous ourselves, we just couldn't match Newcastle in most areas of the pitch.

"They have lot of good players. We can't let ourselves get beaten down, it is what it is. We have to pick ourselves up and go again."

On how he will pick up the players: "It won't be difficult. We go again. Anyone that is looking at the season at the end of everything or the start of everything is a fool in this game. You have to continue, to keep going. You don't always get the reward for the hard work you put in but eventually you have to believe you will get the reward."

On their final match against Nottingham Forest: "I'm not going to focus on that. The fact of the matter is we play the last game against Forest. We can't control what they do, we can't control what Luton does. We have one game to play in between and that one game we need something special."

On the Burnley fans: "It's special town, a special club. It's the heartbeat of this community. It's every household that has a vested interest in Burnley. They were there in the Championship as well and we just have to work hard everyday for them because they deserve it."