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Who is Dom of the Year? Rapper draws attention for role in Dave Portnoy pizza review

Who is Dom of the Year? Rapper draws attention for role in Dave Portnoy pizza review

Name: Dom of the Year (Real Name: Dom Wise)

Best known for: Appearing in Dave Portnoy’s viral feud with a pizza shop owner.

Socials: X (formerly Twitter) | Instagram

About Dom of the Year:

Dom of the Year is the stage name of Boston-based artist Dom Wise, who gained notoriety in August after appearing in Dave Portnoy’s now-infamous review of Dragon Pizza.

Portnoy, the founder and owner of Barstool Sports, was filming an episode of his running series, Barstool Pizza Reviews, when he stopped by the Somerville, Mass. pizzeria. He called Dragon Pizza the “worst pizza place in America” and got into a shouting match with the owner.

During Portnoy’s review and before the argument, Wise took the opportunity to introduce himself as “Dom of the Year.”

“So what does ‘Dom of the Year’ mean?” Portnoy asked the rapper as the camera continued to film.

“My name is Dom,” Wise replied. “It’s like man of the year — every year I get better and better.”

Two things happened after the interview: Dragon Pizza completely sold out, despite Portnoy’s negative reviews, and Wise became an icon for Barstool Sports followers.

“I can’t stop thinking about Dom of the Year,” one person wrote on X after watching the clip.

According to his social media, Wise isn’t just a rapper — he’s also a professional photographer and self-described “motivator for life and a better world.” As he told Portnoy on camera, he also works as a private chef and even used to work at Dragon Pizza himself.

In addition, Wise acts as the CEO of a website called Utopia, where fans can buy specialty goods designed by the rapper, who describes himself as a visionary artist “driven by creativity and inspired by life itself.”

It’s also where they can purchase and download Wise’s music, including tracks like “Rollin’ Stoned” and “Running Water.”

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