Doak on Clarke conversations, Robertson 'bamming up' & 20 million pairs of boxers

Ben Doak insists he's ready to contribute at the Euros, despite his lack of preparation in terms of packing for Germany.

The 18-year-old sat down with the Scotland media team ahead of Monday's friendly with Gilbratar.

Here are the best bits:

On finding out he was in provisional Euros squad: "I was on the pitch doing some extra training. The physio came out pretending he was all disappointed with something. He showed me his phone saying I got in.

"It was a really good surprise. I went in and my phone vibrated itself off the shelf."

On conversations with Steve Clarke: "He spoke to me when I arrived, asked me how I was feeling. I was quick to let him know that I'm fit and ready to play. I've been training for two/three weeks now, I feel great."

On relationship with Andy Robertson: "He spends about 99% of his time bamming me up. The other one percent he looks after me, gives me good advice and keeps me on my toes and my feet on the floor."

On initiation song: "I've had to sing. The big chef is like 'Doaky, get up here now'. I went for a safe option - I Want It That Way, Backstreet Boys. Just a singsong, gets everyone going."

On earning a spot in side: "We're all kicking the same ball. If you're good enough to be on the pitch, you're got to be up to the level. I'm here to fight for a place. Where that place is I don't know because we don't play with wingers, but I'll play where I'm told and do it to the best of my ability."

On his travel bag for Germany: "I've not actually got anything. I only wanted to bring a wee suitcase, I've brought about 20 million pairs of boxers and that's it."