Did 'Madden 19' predict Antonio Brown's bizarre foot injury?

Internet sleuths believe they have found the reason for Oakland Raiders receiver Antonio Brown’s downward spiral the past couple months. Turns out, Brown was destined to get to this point. Why? Because he appeared on the cover of “Madden 19.”

That’s right, the “Madden” curse is alive and well, according to some conspiracy theorists. That’s the only way to explain why Brown would want to leave a great situation in Pittsburgh to play for a team that only won four games last season, right? It’s also the reason why Brown is now threatening to sit out this season unless he gets to wear his old helmet.

Turns out, it actually goes much deeper than that. Some think “Madden 19” may have predicted Brown’s bizarre foot injury.

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One of the “Madden 19” loading screens features a picture of Brown and the word “frostbite” at the bottom of the screen. Did “Madden” somehow know Brown would injure both his feet in a cryotherapy accident? If so, no player should ever appear on the “Madden” cover moving forward. Because this is way too creepy.

In reality, of course “Madden 19” didn’t predict the injury. Frostbite is the name of the engine “Madden” runs on. What does that mean? Think of a game engine as the foundation of a game. It establishes some basics, like a game’s general physics. Developers then innovate and add to that engine to create a game. The engine gives them a base so they don’t have to recreate certain lines of code from scratch. Many games operate this way.

That makes this whole thing a weird coincidence. It’s fun to point out, but it ultimately means nothing.

As much as people want to believe in the “Madden” curse, it just doesn’t hold up here. Brown went out and had a fantastic season after being featured on the “Madden 19” cover. He led receivers with 15 touchdowns.

There are no cosmic forces at play here. Brown is in his current situation because he put himself there. Given what we know about Brown, that’s far more realistic than believing he’s been cursed.


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