Did Family Guy Flub Brian’s Backstory? Have We Seen Last of Loki? Is Disco Santa Travolta Frightful? More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including Loki, The Morning Show, Family Guy, The Santa Clauses and Bosch: Legacy!

1 | Is anyone worried that while the new “Marvel Spotlight” designation may come as a relief to those who bristle at MCU “homework,” it will cordon off Echo and the like that same way that Jeph Loeb’s Netflix Marvel shows were?

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The Chosen
The Chosen

2 | Is anyone else totally ‘shipping The Chosen’s Ramah and Thomas? Was this week’s scene with Nathaniel crashing Simon Peter and Eden’s alone time as funny as any network sitcom? And if you watched the “making of” Q&A after, do you have to chuckle at the writers’ un-ironic references to the Jesus drama’s “Easter eggs”?

3 | How many of you who are rewatching Yellowstone on CBS are sharing our bummedness that the show never pursued a romance between Jimmy and Avery?

4 | How sure were you that Fear the Walking Dead had no sharks left to jump when it had Dwight and Sherry see a finch, the bird after which Padre named their late son?

5 | How can Family Guy give us a flashback to Brian’s days as a puppy with the Griffins when it’s already been established that Peter found him as an adult on the side of the road?

6 | Should someone have maybe advised Phil McGraw against launching a new cable network in the year 2023?

7 | Didn’t The Irrational’s foley artist (sound effects editor) get a little carried away in this week’s episode? There’s no way that Alec and Rose, staking out a building from across the street, would’ve been able to hear something fall over in the office where the gallery owner got into a shoving match.

8 | First a mention of “Gangnam Style” on the Gen V finale, and now a group dance number on Dancing With the Stars… Is the universe trying to bring that song back? And could it not, please?

9 | When Patrick Dempsey was revealed as People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2023, were you like, “Wait, he never won during his Grey’s Anatomy run…?!”

10 | Regarding the Morning Show finale: After Alex realized that Paul was spying on her conversation with Bradley, why did she continue using her personal device to communicate with Laura about the UBA/NBN merger? And why does everyone seem so confident the merger will be approved? Will the Federal Trade Commission not have concerns about letting two broadcast networks merge? Lastly, as much as we enjoyed Chip’s expletive-laden rant, would the average American care much (or at all) about the network’s internal business drama?

The Santa Clauses
The Santa Clauses

11 | Are we certain The Santa Clauses isn’t a horror series? Because the flashback to the year 1307 could’ve fooled us!

12 | Can we all agree that the original title for Mandy Patinkin’s new Hulu seriesCareer Opportunities in Murder and Mayhem — is a far better (and less generic) title than Death and Other Details?

13 | How dare The Golden Bachelor make us wait until the end of the episode to find out if Gerry dumped Faith or Theresa? Did you get as misty as Jesse Palmer did when Ellen told that story about her late friend Roberta? And are we seeing things, or did Gerry dye his hair between shooting his season and the live shows?

14 | Big Brother fans, did Jag’s aggressively confident finale Q&A with the jury (as well as his final speech to the jurors) earn your respect, or diminish it? Also, given the massive format changes coming to December’s Reindeer Games edition, might it be the least appealing iteration of Big Brother ever?

15 | Given how Loki ended, do you suspect/lament we may never see the God of Mischief/Stories again in the MCU? Or did that closing sequence in fact set him up to play a meaningful role in the MCU movies’ Kang arc, if it remains intact? And given the MCU’s penchant for side quests, how relieved were you that the finale completely skipped over those centuries when Loki was learning quantum mechanics?

16 | How did no one on Upload notice Nathan sitting in the courtroom? And — FINALE SPOILER ALERT! — which Nathan do you hope survived the season?

17 | In Bosch: Legacy’s final Season 2 episodes — SPOILER ALERT! — as much as we love a cunning Chandler, wouldn’t the FBI have done due diligence and confirmed that the bag of shredded paper was in fact the Carl Rogers files? Did your eyes well up soon as Lance Reddick’s Irving entered that one scene? And out of thousands of boat slips at Marina del Rey, what were the odds Maddie was in sprinting distance of the gunshots?

18 | Is there anything more disturbing than the John Travolta-as-Santa-Claus-Doing-Saturday-Night-Fever Capital One commercial?

Hit the comments with your answers and any TV Qs of your own! 

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