Di Grassi: Ousted Abt deserves another chance in Formula E

James Newbold

 lost his drive last month after allowing sim racer Lorenz Hoerzing take his place for the virtual Berlin E-Prix in FE’s Race at Home Challenge Esports series, which raised money for children’s charity UNICEF.

In a statement, the 27-year-old explained that no money had changed hands and that the “huge mistake” was not intended to make him look better in the Esports arena.

- also within the Audi fold.

’s best season in FE came in 2017-18, the last with the first-generation car, when he scored two wins in Mexico and Berlin to finish fifth in the standings.


 lost his drive last month.

 as an “underestimated” driver and worthy of a seat elsewhere in the series.

“I’m really going to miss Daniel in the team and I think he has the talent and the capacity to be on the Formula E grid and still have good results,” he said.

fferent career stages when we first met and we started driving in Formula E.

“Daniel was coming from Formula 2, I was coming from sportscars after F1, I am seven years older so I was more experienced and he learned a lot from me.

“He became a very good driver while driving with us, he definitely deserves to be on the Formula E grid as a driver and I think people underestimated his ability.

“He is very talented, has a very good speed and in the last few years of the championship I think he was extremely competitive, so he definitely needs to be there.”

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 Sportsline team in 2014 that his teammate would receive preferential treatment.


, the team behaved in a very professional manner and the main objective was to win regardless of whether it was me or Daniel.

“He was a good teammate, we never had big fights within the team.”