Derrick Henry can’t wait to add Robert Woods’ blocking ability to the Titans offense

Yahoo Sports’ Matt Harmon spoke with Tennessee Titans RB Derrick Henry about the 2022 Titans offense, the additions of Robert Woods and Treylon Burks, and why he just can’t wait to be back on the field.

Henry joined Yahoo Sports on behalf of Dr Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Soaks.

Video transcript

MATT HARMON: Joining me now, you know him primarily of course from the intro to this show, he's never had any bad case though. He's one of the biggest bad asses at running back in the NFL. And he hates all year zero RB teams. It's Titans running back Derrick Henry. Derrick, what's going on, buddy?

DERRICK HENRY: How are you doing?

MATT HARMON: I'm doing good. How are we feeling about this season, man? I'm really interested to watch this Titans offense as you guys are kind of in a little bit of a transition period. You know AJ Brown leaves the team. You bring in some new guys. How are we feeling about this year, man?

DERRICK HENRY: We feel good. I'm excited the season's back, and ready to get after it.

MATT HARMON: I love that the Titans seemingly have kind of doubled down on you in a way. They give you a little bit of raise coming into this year. You know, I'm personally excited about that. Of course, everybody's excited to draft you, if they haven't already drafted in fantasy this year, everything, man.

But there's a lot of new faces on the offense as well. Bring in Robert Woods, veteran receiver or Treylon Burks, rookie receiver, Kyle Phillips, what have these guys kind of looked like to you in practice this year?

DERRICK HENRY: Just coming out, improving every day, getting better, learning the offense, wanting to make plays. And all you can ask for in teammates, just come out and get better every day, and have that will to want to get better, and play to our standard. That's how we want them to play and those guys have been doing that. Each and every day they come out here and practice, in the meeting rooms, and as a teammate that's all you want from another teammate.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, especially, for your offense, particularly. These guys like, you've got to be a great receiver of course. You've got to make plays in the passing game. But these guys also have to be like great blockers too. I feel like for you, you rip off these big runs and everything down the field, bringing in a guy like Robert Woods, who is kind of like known as a great blocking receiver, that also has to be like a little bit exciting, just from the running game standpoint.

DERRICK HENRY: Yeah, definitely got excited when we acquired Robert Woods and the type of player he is, and how he plays the game. And you know, he's not afraid to put his nose in there and get in there and block. And that's the type of players you want on your team that will do anything to help his team win. And we're excited to have him. Just plan on getting to know him, and can't wait to go out there and play a game with him.

MATT HARMON: Derrick, you're here on behalf of Dr. Teal's. Tell us a little bit about what you got going on over there with Dr. Teal's.

DERRICK HENRY: Oh yeah, man. Been partnering with Dr. Teal's for a little bit now. And I'm excited to have this partnership. I'll use all the Teal's faithfully. I soak in Dr. Teal's day after day, week after week, to help my body, my recovery time, and help my muscles recover, just so when I'm on the practice field, I'm going out there at a high level.

And then on game day, preparing as well, just so I can go out there and play at a high level as well. So I'm excited to have this partnership. And you know, like I said, it's mandatory that I use it to help me feel good and speed up my recovery time. So I love Dr. Teal's and just excited to have this partnership.

MATT HARMON: Hey, Derek, really appreciate you hanging out with me, man. Good luck this year. I'm really excited to watch you this year. You know you're one of my favorites. So appreciate you hanging out, man.

DERRICK HENRY: Yes, sir. Thank you for having me, Matt. Take care, man.