Vic Fangio ends rookie haircut hazing tradition in Denver: 'I just don't think it's right'

Vic Fangio is shaking things up in Denver.

The newly hired Broncos head coach already cut music from team practices simply because he doesn’t “see the benefit” of it. On Tuesday, he took it a step further.

Fangio killed one of the more hilarious hazing traditions in the NFL: The Broncos’ rookie haircuts.

Each fall at training camp, Broncos players would cut the rookies’ hair however they pleased — which has naturally led to some ridiculous-looking hairstyles over the years.

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One of the best, or worst, looks came when Tim Tebow was a rookie in 2010. Tebow had just the crown of his head shaved completely, leaving a perfect ring of hair surrounding the outside of his head.

Though the hazing ritual caused rookies some embarrassment, it was mostly harmless. Still, Fangio thought it went too far.

“I just don’t think it’s right,” Fangio said, via The Athletic’s Nicki Jhabvala. “I just don’t believe in hazing. There are traditions that stay put. Guys are getting up in front of the team and doing a little skit every night. Maybe a rookie is carrying somebody’s pads off the field and so on, or bringing in the doughnuts or the breakfast. But nothing physical.”

While the new class of Broncos rookies are likely thrilled by the news, some on the team weren’t so excited to see the tradition fall by the wayside.

“Oh man, you saw my haircut last year,” linebacker Bradley Chubb said, via 9News. “I wanted to get somebody back this year so bad. But it’s all good. It grew back, so I’m not too mad anymore.”

Vic Fangio ended one of the Broncos' hilarious hazing traditions this fall, sparing rookies from an embarrassing trip to the team barber shop. (Karl Gehring/The Denver Post/Getty Images)

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