Defoe will 'never forget' swapping shirts with Thierry Henry

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Football Firsts podcast image

In the latest episode of Football Firsts with Jermain Defoe and Troy Deeney, the former players discuss the best players they ever swapped shirts with.

Defoe reveals he once asked to swap shirts with Arsenal legend Thierry Henry but he "went back to the changing rooms and totally forgot about it".

"I was at West Ham, I was young, and we played against Arsenal at Highbury," said Defoe. "I thought I need to get Thierry's shirt. Leading up to the game, all of my cousins and everyone was saying I needed to get his shirt, you know he is a legend.

"I remember saying to him, 'Can I have your shirt after the game?' and he said, 'Yeah, no problem'.

"The game finished, we lost 3-1, I've gone into the changing rooms and I totally forgot about it to be fair. I thought to myself I should've got it but I forgot and I'll do it another time.

"But he was standing there with the top. I thought he was going to just give me the top, and I was going to ask him if he could just sign it, but he gave me the top with a long message.

"I remember getting back on the bus thinking, 'Wow, what an unbelievable guy' because of the fact that he'd gone into the changing rooms and remembered that, and thought 'let me just sign it for him and give him a message'. What does that do for a young player?

"I will never forget that."

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