Death in Paradise's Ralf Little transforms into Neville in new behind-the-scenes video

ralf little as di neville parker in death in paradise season 11
Death in Paradise star transforms in BTS clipBBC

Death in Paradise star Ralf Little has shared a behind-the-scenes video from the filming of series 13, which shows him transforming into DI Neville Parker.

The actor is back filming the BBC show, and to give fans a teaser he has posted a series of clips from the set, including him getting a hair trim.

While sitting in the chair, Little joked that they need to "get the lawnmower out", before showing off his familiar look as Parker.

di neville parker, death in paradise christmas special
BBC / Red Planet / Denis Guyenon

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"He's back! Solving crimes across the Caribbean," the star added.

Little also posted a clip of fellow star Tahj Miles (Marlon Pryce), who had a plaster on his head as Little asked what happened to him.

"15 people bro, 15!" Miles replied, Little joking: "What, came to laugh at you?"

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While Little was unable to get the full story of the injury out of his co-star on camera, an unaware Miles was later seen trying to explain what happened to him in Ibiza, before realising the camera was on him and jokingly revising his story.

"I went to my house, I went to bed and had a cup of tea, I chilled with the cats," he quipped.

The latest update comes after Little revealed earlier this week that he was back filming the BBC series after a small production break, while also teasing when series 13 could air.

ralf little as di neville parker, naomi thomas, death in paradise, season 11

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"Well it's usually January 7 it starts," the star told fans. "So there will be the Christmas special, I think it was on Boxing Day last year, and then it's about January 7 [that] episode one comes out."

He also spoke a bit about what viewers can expect from the new series, promising "puzzles and mysteries".

"We're going to try and pick up it with the tone [from] at the end of last year," Little said. "We really tried to push the boat out with series 12.

"Not just a mystery every week, solving the mystery and moving on, but in the course of a series really trying to find challenges for the main characters... There's going to be more challenges [ahead] for the characters."

Death in Paradise and its spin-off, Beyond Paradise, air on BBC One and stream on BBC iPlayer.

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