DC’s Dreamer joins Fortnite as first trans character ever

Supergirl‘s Dreamer is making history (yet again) as Fortnite’s first trans character.

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Epic GamesRainbow Royale is back this year. For its DC and Fortnite crossover, the video game added Dreamer from the CW series to its roster of characters. Dreamer, aka Nia Nal, was Supergirl‘s first trans superhero and television’s first trans superhero ever. Now, the half-alien is bringing to Fortnite her ability to astral project and see the future. Epic Games is even planning a Dreamer Cup on Sept. 6 to honor the character.

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What is Rainbow Royale?

Rainbow Royale is Epic Games’ in-game event to celebrate LGBTQ gamers. This year’s Rainbow Royal began Aug. 31. The annual pride celebration gives players new opportunities to better express their identities through events, new characters, new games and themed cosmetics.

Who is Dreamer from Supergirl?

Epic Games describes Dreamer as an “ace reporter by day and inspiring Super Hero by night, Nia Nal — a.k.a. Dreamer from the DC universe — is dreamwalking her way into Fortnite!”

Dreamer’s origin story is that she resisted her powers until her mother died. This was the catalyst for her to work with Supergirl and eventually join the Superfriends.

While Dreamer was originally created for the television series, the character has since been integrated into comics. Funnily enough, the actress Nicole Maines, who portrays Dreamer in the series, also writes the comic series. You can catch Maines playing Fortnite with Chica on Twitch on Sept. 8 at 9 p.m. EST.

What is the Dreamer Cup in Fornite?

Epic Games is hosting a Dreamer Cup on Sept. 6 in all regions.

“Compete in this Zero Build Squads tournament for a chance to win the Dreamer Outfit before it lands in the Item Shop,” Epic Games stated.

Gamers are required to have accounts at level 50 or above to participate and must have 2FA enabled and verified.

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