Day dials in putter for Masters assault

Ben Everill
·2-min read

Jason Day hopes he's found the key to returning to being the best putter in the world ahead of his 10th Masters tilt.

Day had his putting stroke analysed digitally in Texas last week to figure out just what might be going wrong on the greens, a place where for many years he was unparalleled in world golf.

The former world No.1 and 12-time PGA Tour winner routinely spent time on the top of the Tour's putting stats during his best years but has slipped in the past 12 months.

Last season he was 62nd on the Tour and early on this new season he sits 102nd.

A in-depth video analysis comparison to his 2016 putting revealed flaws and he has quickly tried to readjust, finding success in the opening three rounds of last week's Houston Open before a poor Sunday cost him a shot at victory.

"My putting stroke, I've been cutting across it really badly. Like five degrees, which is a lot, and my posture and set up had moved from when I was putting well. I used to have a lot more knee flex, and I had a straighter back," Day said of the results that he admits took him by surprise.

His troublesome back has been pointed to as the likely culprit.

Day has dealt with chronic back issues his entire career and, as such, has dropped his practice time considerably. He had hoped to be training smarter rather than longer but now sees this was not the case.

"My back was hurting a lot and I was rushing through the practice so I got sloppy with technique," Day says. "I was just trying to get through the practice instead of staying on top of it.

"Looking at the data I have been aiming straight but the ball was starting left because I'm hitting pulls. Long story short, if I cut across it and put side spin on it then there is inconsistent roll and you can't start it straight.

"It's been frustrating but if I can start it straighter and get more consistent roll then I can hole more putts and get more confidence.

"I saw good results with it early in Houston and now I just need to really dial it in these next few days and hopefully contend heavily."