Davies: Redding's size a "big advantage" for me

Jamie Klein

British Superbike champion Redding replaces Alvaro Bautista in Ducati's works line-up for the 2020 campaign after the Spaniard defected to Honda over the winter.

It means Davies will have his fourth different teammate since joining the Borgo Panigale marque back in 2014, following Davide Giugliano, Marco Melandri and Bautista.

However, both ex-MotoGP racers Melandri and Bautista were considerably smaller than Davies, who measures 183cm (6') and weighs in at 70kg (154lb). By contrast, Melandri measured only 166cm (5' 5'') and Bautista was 169cm (5' 7''). 

Davies feels that it will be much better to be paired with Redding, who is just one centimetre taller than him and was among the heaviest riders on the grid in his MotoGP days.

"I have no problems with Scott," Davies told Motorsport.com. "On the contrary, it is good for me to have a teammate who is as tall and heavy as I am.

"I haven't had this luxury for a long time, because in the past few years I've always had teammates who were significantly smaller than me. Davide was the last teammate up until now who was not significantly smaller than me.

"I know Scott and we get along well. He's a funny guy. But I also got on well with Marco and Alvaro. I don't think it will be any different with Scott.

"But the best thing about being teammates with Scott is that he is the same size as me or even a bit bigger. That is a good advantage for me."

Ducati team manager Serafino Foti commented that the contrasting sizes of Davies and Bautista forced the pair to use different set-ups during their season as teammates.

"Not only the size is similar, but also the weight," said Foti of Davies and Redding. "The size and weight of the riders are crucial, otherwise you have to take different paths.

"Alvaro's set-up was different from Chaz's. Alvaro weighed 56kg and Chaz weighs 70. It was therefore impossible to use the same set-up."

Chaz Davies, Aruba.it Racing-Ducati Team, Alvaro Bautista, Aruba.it Racing-Ducati Team

Chaz Davies, Aruba.it Racing-Ducati Team, Alvaro Bautista, Aruba.it Racing-Ducati Team Gold and Goose / Motorsport Images

Gold and Goose / Motorsport Images