Daughter infuriates mom by baking a cake with raisins in it: ‘Petty to the max’

A woman is getting back at her mom by baking a cake with raisins for her family.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. Growing up, her mom would cook a lot of spicy foods, even though she didn’t like them. That meant she was left to pick out the parts of food that didn’t agree with her.

But because her sister was a “fussy eater,” the mom would make special meals for her sister.

“She had her own separate meals cooked for her every day and I had to eat what my parents were having,” a user said.

For a family dinner, she decided to bake a cake with raisins in it, even though her mom hates raisins. She thinks her mom should just pick them out.

But now her whole family acts as though she has “done something horrific.”

“My sister confronted me and suggested I should have baked something else and our mom shouldn’t have had to pick out the raising,” she wrote. “I’ve stood my ground, however she says I’m being unreasonable.”

Redditors didn’t think the poster was at fault and that her family was being immature.

“Are there any adults in your family?” a user wrote.

“Nice… This was petty to the max. I hope you made it clear why you chose to add raisins to the cake,” a person added.

“She doesn’t like it? She doesn’t have to eat it,” another commented.

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