“I’m Looking At Doctors, Lawyers, And Finance Bros”: This Woman Uses LinkedIn As A Dating App, And It May Prevent You From Wasting Your Time

Modern dating is currently a hot topic as people everywhere are struggling to connect. According to the Pew Research Center, 3 out of 10 US adults reported using a dating app in their lifetime.

woman scrolling through dating app
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Well, content creator Candice Gallagher was similarly looking for love and decided to set a goal to try 10 dating apps in 10 weeks. While documenting her journey on TikTok — to viewer's surprise — she decided to try LinkedIn.

According to Sprout Social, LinkedIn has over 900 million members in 200 countries around the world.

Candice got this idea from a friend trying to set her up on a blind date. "My friend privately messaged me and said, 'I saw your videos, how about I set you up with this guy,' and she sent me his LinkedIn profile, and he looks very attractive!" Candice explained.


"Why am I using LinkedIn as a dating app? The filters! Number one, I can filter for education. Number two, I can filter by industry, I'm looking at doctors, lawyers, and finance bros. Number three, I can filter by country, very important. Unfortunately, I'm unable to filter by height, but at least there are very good-looking photos that I can do height analysis on," Candice explained.

Candice explaining why she uses LinkedIn for dating

Candace's video has already accumulated over 1.1 million views with many endorsing the dating hack. One commenter shared their personal experience writing, "I dated a top executive at a major media company that I met on LinkedIn (as I was building a network for my startup). So yeah, it works."

TikTok comment about meeting a partner through LinkedIn

Another commenter said they used LinkedIn as a dating verification strategy, writing: "I checked my then-bf's LinkedIn page after we met. We are married now. LOL."

TikTok comment about checking a partner's LinkedIn after meeting through another dating app

However, another user strongly disagreed with this method, writing: "If a man did this, it would be disgusting and tbh I think you're in the wrong here sadly."

"If a man did this it would disgusting and tbh I think you're in the wrong here sadly" TikTok comment

Though using LinkedIn for romantic purposes may technically violate the site's rule to "be professional," it's actually not as uncommon as one might think. One woman wrote a post sharing how she met her husband on the professional networking website.

"That was the first compliment my husband ever gave me."

Candice told BuzzFeed that her viral video was "meant to be a lighthearted commentary on dating in the modern age" and she "ultimately, adheres to each platform's user agreement."

As far as any love life updates, she said she's still waiting on her friend to set her up on the blind date.

What are your thoughts on using LinkedIn to enhance your love life? Let us know in the comments!

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