Will data match results?

Arne Slot
[Getty Images]

The Arne Slot era will officially start on 1 June and he will arrive after a thorough recruitment process held by the Reds.

Liverpool’s research, which included looking at data and character among other markers, resulted in Slot emerging as their preferred candidate.

His record with Alkmaar and Feyenoord pointed to a manager able to over-perform compared with the resources at his disposal, an impressive record for developing players and a style of football Liverpool think suits their squad.

Klopp was renowned for his ‘heavy metal’ game and the Reds believe Slot will bring a dynamic, high energy and possession based football to the club.

He has also been given the title of head coach rather than manager in a move that the Anfield club believe reflects the modern game and works better from a structural perspective.

Slot has a hard act to follow in Klopp and we will find out next season if the data matches up with results and performances on the pitch.

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