Danny Green targets Schoolies in most important campaign yet

Danny Green has launched a new campaign aimed at reducing the amount of violence during Schoolies week.

The champion boxer has been campaigning to ‘stop the coward’ punch for years, but now he’s upped the ante with one of his most important messages yet, targeting the youth of Australia and declaring ‘violence is ugly’.

Green’s ‘Stop the Coward Punch’ campaign has released a new advertisement which will appear on the phones of young people ahead of and during Schoolies week, with a total of 50,000 teenagers expected to be in attendance.

Queensland and West Australian school leavers will begin their Schoolies weeks tomorrow, with New South Wales and Victorians to follow the week after.

Green’s campaign is focused on showing the teens that violence isn’t something to enjoy, or be impressed by.

Danny Green is launching one of his most important campaigns ever. Pic: Getty

“Most of these kids will be going out for the very first time, left to their own devices. There’s a lot of pressure and expectation,” Green told News.com.au.

“I want them to see the videos and decide to walk away, grab their friends and walk away in situations like this. It’s for guys and girls, who I hope see it and think, ‘I don’t want that to be me’.”

The 45-year-old boxer has led a national campaign to stop the ‘coward punch’ and other forms of violence for six years, having been motivated initially by a string of one-punch murders on the streets.

Now, Green is launching one of the most important – and toughest campaigns, trying to change the behaviour of young people on one of the most dangerous weeks of their lives.

The videos released by Green’s ‘Stop the Coward Punch’ campaign show a number of scenarios where a violent altercation plays out during Schoolies week.

Each incident is captured on mobile phones by disgusted onlookers, who swipe left to delete the scene from their phones.

“You can be the best-looking person at the party, but your stupid actions can quickly make you the ugliest person in the room and your reputation will drop like a rock,” Green said.

Green has also been a leader at changing the terminology around horrific acts of violence in Australia, condemning the use of the term ‘king hit’ and promoting the term ‘coward punch’ in its place.