Daniel Rodriguez accepted risk vs. Kelvin Gastelum at UFC on ABC 6 but ‘that’s why there’s weight classes’

Daniel Rodriguez exited UFC on ABC 6 with a positive mindset, but also the thought his fight would’ve gone differently if opponent Kelvin Gastelum fought at welterweight.

The bout took place at middleweight rather than welterweight after Gastelum showed up overweight for fight week and asked for the switch. Rodriguez, along with the UFC, negotiated new terms with Gastelum. However, Rodriguez ultimately lost the bout by unanimous decision at Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

“That’s why there’s weight classes,” Rodriguez wrote on his Instagram story after the fight.

Rodriguez also posted a pair of selfie videos. During the first, Rodriguez pointed out Gastelum’s strong cardio, something he hypothesized would not have been a factor had the cut to welterweight transpired.

“So, sh*t didn’t really go my way. It’s the fight game,” Rodriguez said. “That sh*t happens. I took the risk. There’s no way I was going to come all the way out here and not fight. I guarantee if that fight was at 170 pounds, he wouldn’t have had the energy to take me down. He wouldn’t have been as strong. And he wouldn’t have been able to take most of my punches. I ain’t going to dwell on it and sh*t. I thugged it out and kept it G. I repped the city and I can’t wait to come home. Shout out to all the fans. Y’all some real ones. To my family and my kids, I can’t wait to come home. I miss you guys and I’m going to bounce back. F*ck it.”

Shortly thereafter, Rodriguez posted a second video with a more upbeat approach, where he voiced the positives that came from the experience despite the loss. He revealed that he received a new contract with a pay bump ahead of the fight, plus received 30 percent of Gastelum’s purse.

“All right, y’all. I’m done complaining about the fight. F*ck it. It happened,” Rodriguez said. “I knew the risk. With the risk, came great rewards. I lost the fight but I gained so much more in return: a ton a respect from the fight community, a nice raise, six-fight contract, 30 percent of his f*cking (purse). I can’t even be mad. Yeah, I wanted the win but I want so much more in the end. I knew the risk. I took it, put on a hell of a show. The fans love me. I love y’all. My kids are proud. My family is proud. I lost but I won. F*ck it. I can’t wait to get home from the airport and love life baby. Let’s go.”

Rodriguez, 37, has lost three-straight fights. It’s unclear what his next move is. As for Gastelum, he’s won two of his most recent three. UFC CEO Dana White voiced disappointment in Gastelum’s pre-fight behavior during a post-fight news conference.

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Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie