Dana White slams 'd***head' reporter over UFC criticism

Chris Young
Sports Reporter
UFC president Dana White has lashed out at the New York Times, accusing a reporter of unfair coverage of the organisation. (Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC)

UFC president Dana White has teed off on a New York Times reporter, labelling them a ‘d***head’ and accusing the media of trying to ‘sabotage’ events.

White has been outspoken in his defence of holding live sport in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, which has so far claimed more than 93,000 lives in the Unites States alone, according to Johns Hopkins.

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The fighting organisation hosted the first live mainstream sporting event since the global shutdown in March, when UFC 249 went ahead in Florida.

There were plenty of critics of the initial event, particularly after one fighter returned a positive COVID-19 test just 24 hours before his bout, but the UFC have since held a further two shows.

White appeared to be fed up with the criticism, insisting health and safety precautions were being followed and that some wanted to see the UFC fail.

“We were trying to figure out solutions to the problems (of virus protocols) and asking how do you bring sports back safely,” White said.

“Health and safety is an issue for us.

“Every single weekend when we were leading up to these events, we had so many, New York Times and so many other media people trying to sabotage the events so it couldn't happen.”

Dana White singles out New York Times reporter

The UFC boss continued his tirade against the New York Times, singling out writer Kevin Draper and accusing him of omitting quotes praising the UFC from a previous interview with ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro.

White also labelled the reporter a ‘d***head’.

“I mean, this guy just got in the New York Times, interviewed the president of ESPN, Jimmy Pitaro, for 45 minutes,” White said.

“He wasted 45 minutes of his time and never used one of his quotes.

“You know why? Because they were positive.”

UFC 250 is scheduled to for June 6, but a location is yet to be confirmed.