Dan Stevens praises The Guest reunion on Godzilla x Kong

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire star Dan Stevens has opened up about the "delightful" time he had reuniting with director Adam Wingard.

The duo worked together on the 2014 film The Guest, which Wingard directed and Stevens starred in. Stevens now features in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, which was also helmed by Wingard.

In an exclusive interview with Digital Spy, Stevens opened up about this reunion, explaining how much it meant to him.

dan stevens as trapper, rebecca hall as dr ilene andrews, godzilla x kong the new empire
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"That was one of the delightful things really, is that Adam and I have been friends since The Guest. We've hung out a lot, talked about all sorts of different things in the meantime. Then this one came along," Stevens said.

Stevens also mentioned the fact that art director Tom Hammock, who designed The Guest, also worked on this Godzilla x Kong movie – and The Guest writer Simon Barrett was one of the scribes on this MonsterVerse flick too. Stevens praised Wingard for maintaining that same "spirit of indie filmmaking."

"Getting to play with bigger toys, at the core of the set, there is the same sense of humour, the same sense of fun, the same sense of fandom and just steeped in cinema."

godzilla and kong teaming up ready for battle in godzilla x kong the new empire
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He continued: "In Adam Wingard, there's still the kid who worked in the video store and watched every movie in that video store over and over again. There's still that guy on set running the show and breathing life into a film like that who can really communicate to the fans. He did that with The Guest and he's doing that with this."

Stevens stars as a character named Trapper in the film, alongside Rebecca Hall and Brian Tyree Henry. Meanwhile, Kaylee Hottle reprises her role as a deaf, orphaned Iwi native who forms a bond with Kong. Hottle, too, was fulsome in her praise for director Wingard.

"In the first movie, Adam always wanted to make sure that he explained everything he wanted from me," Hottle said.

"We had meetings and he would describe exactly what he wanted from me as an actor, he would explain exactly what the scene looked like as well in his head. So he was a great support for me."

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is released in cinemas on March 29.

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