Dairy Queen's Free Cone Day Is Back to Kick Off Spring

Free Cone Day, which falls on the first day of spring, means DQ is giving out small vanilla soft serve cones

<p>Dairy Queen</p> Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen's Free Cone Day 2024 will be on March 19

Dairy Queen is gearing up for fans’ favorite day of the year!

On Tuesday, the ice cream chain announced the return of Free Cone Day, which will take place on March 19, the first day of spring.

During Free Cone Day, DQ will give out a small vanilla soft serve cone, no purchase necessary. The sweet deal is limited to one cone per customer while supplies last.

DQ has plenty of new treats up their sleeve. On Monday, the chain announced the return of their classic St. Patrick’s Day treats: the Under the Rainbow Shake and the Mint Brownie Blizzard.

The Under the Rainbow Shake is made of strawberry flavor and rainbow sprinkles blended with soft serve vanilla ice cream. The cheery dessert is topped with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles. The Mint Brownie Blizzard consists of chocolate brownie pieces, chocolate chunks and mint blended with vanilla soft serve.

<p>Dairy Queen</p> Dairy Queen's Free Cone Day 2024 will be on March 19

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen's Free Cone Day 2024 will be on March 19

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The chain also recently announced that the Confetti Cake Cone and the return of the Cherry Dipped Cone. The cherry flavor will be returning to the DQ menu after it was discontinued last spring.

"We know our fans love the Cherry Dipped Cone, and we're excited to bring this sweet offering back for a limited time at participating locations," a representative for the brand told PEOPLE in a statement.

TikTok creator @DairyQueenShelbyTwp, whose real name is Miranda, was one of the first people to announce the exciting news on TikTok.

<p>Dairy Queen</p> Dairy Queen St. Patrick's Day treats

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen St. Patrick's Day treats

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“Back in May, I announced that Cherry Cone Dip was being discontinued and replaced with Butterscotch and I knew a lot of people would be upset,” said Miranda, who’s a district manager at Dairy Queen locations in Michigan.

“But due to popular demand, cherry is coming back. I can’t give an exact date because it depends on when the distributors get it in stock, but it was one of the best sellers in my location, which are in southeast Michigan, so I’ll be the first to let you guys know when I have it,” she added in the video.

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