‘The Daily Show’: Jon Stewart Mocks Donald Trump’s Word Struggles; Desi Lydic Jokes Democrats Want Trump Cast As ‘Golden Bachelor’

Jon Stewart had a field day on The Daily Show mocking Donald Trump as the presidential campaign heats up.

On the latest episode of the Comedy Central show, Stewart joked about Trump’s struggles to brand the “migrant crime” narrative the GOP is pushing.

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“I call it migrant crime. I really call it Biden migrant crime, but it’s too long, so let’s just call it migrant crime and everyone’s gonna know it’s because of Biden,” Trump said during an interview on Fox News.

In a rally in Michigan, Trump had a change of heart and said, “We will call it from now on Biden migrant crime, OK? It’s Bi-grant crime. We’ll call it Bi-grant. Let’s call it Bi-grant Biden crime. Oh! That’s good! Smart! Bi-grent crime.”

Stewart poked fun at Trump’s thought process during the rally, adding, “I’m not completely sold on Bi-grant. It really just sounds like a migrant who is open to crossing either border.”

Desi Lydic also made an appearance on the show after the Supreme Court ruled that Trump could remain on the Colorado voting ballot. Lydic joked that Democrats were hoping Trump would get cast on The Golden Bachelor so he would stay away from the elections later this year.

“[Democrats] discussed making [Trump] the next Golden Bachelor,” Lydic said. “Once he’s surrounded by women his own age, Democrats believe he would spontaneously combust.”

Stewart also recalled when Trump mentioned Hannibal Lecter in a November 2023 campaign rally as the type of people “coming into our country right now” amid the migrant crisis.

“Wouldn’t cannibals amongst them be the solution to the problem? Or are they fasting until they get to America? Well it’s clear hyperbolic,” Stewart said.

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