'The Daily Show' Calls 'Bulls**t' On Kate Middleton's Photo-Editing Claim

“The Daily Show” has offered its two cents on the controversy around an edited photo of British royal Kate Middleton.

“I’m calling bullshit that Kate was the one who edited the picture,” guest host Desi Lydic said on Tuesday’s episode.

“This is the royal family. They don’t do anything themselves. They don’t even pick their own noses ― they have butlers for that. You think she’s doing her own photoshopping? The only thing they know how to do without help is adultery.”

Kate, the Princess of Wales, has been the subject of much speculation after Kensington Palace announced in January that she had undergone a planned abdominal surgery and would be off public duties until after Easter.

On Sunday, the palace released a photo of Kate with her children, but observers noted that it appeared to be digitally manipulated, prompting news agencies to retract it. Kate then issued a statement saying that she sometimes experiments with photo editing and apologizing for the “confusion.”

“Daily Show” royal watcher Grace Kuhlenschmidt joked that “the royals are taking full responsibility for this breach of trust by completely blaming the whole thing on Princess Kate.”

“Mistakes were made all around by her and her very real graphic design hobby,” she quipped.

Watch the segment below: