'Dad of the year' shoves son to prevent goal in Under-8s soccer game

Video of a father shoving his young son to prevent a goal in a kids’ football match has gone viral, with many labelling him ‘dad of the year’.

The Bow Street FC Magpies and Ysgol Llanilar were battling it out in an Under-8s game in Wales recently when the moment occurred.

As you can see in the video above, the overzealous dad is standing next to the goals while his son acts as keeper.

The youngster is talking to his father, probably receiving some on-the-run coaching, when the ball is kicked towards his goals.

The old man shoved his son into the path of the ball. Image: Chris Wilkins/Twitter

The little guy is too busy looking at his dad to notice he needs to make a save, but not to worry, his dad knows the ball’s coming.

The old man steps out and pushes his son towards the ball, knocking him off his feet but causing him to land directly in the path of the ball.

The little guy inadvertently makes the save, however an opponent pounces on the rebound and scores a goal while the keeper lies helplessly on the ground.

The best (or worst) part of the video is arguably the dad’s reaction to his son conceding the goal, throwing his arms up in despair and storming off.

Socceroos legend Tim Cahill was among those who saw the funny side of the video.

However there were a few social media users who found the father’s actions to be troublesome.