Dad relieves ‘overstimulated’ mom when he gets home from work: ‘I felt this in my soul’

A mom praised her husband for giving her a break after caring for the kids all day.

TikToker @theashbutton said her “kids could run around all day and still have the energy of a bunch of tiny tornadoes at night.” It’s safe to say the mom can get a little overwhelmed after a day home alone with three children. Knowing her husband is happy to take them off her hands for a little bit is a lifesaver.

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“My husband coming home to lead the children away from their overstimulated mother,” the video caption read.

The dad lip-synced to a clip from Dora the Explorer, saying, “Hi, I’m Dora. Let’s go.”

He then led their troupe of three kids into another room, far away from mom.

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“This… Is an option???? People do this? Are similar models available online for purchase? lol,” someone wrote.

“I want a husband like this so bad. Mine just knocks me for being overwhelmed like I’m not a human with 4 children that’s been nursing for 2 years,” another said.

“Spot on. I sent this to my fiancé so he knows I’m not the only one,” a person commented.

“I felt this in my soul lol. I wish husbands like ours were the norm!!!” a user added.

“My husband does this too, it’s one of the best things he does to help me,” a person replied.

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