Dad meticulously vacuums every single tassel on the living room carpet in hilarious TikTok

Viewers are losing it over this hysterical TikTok video of a dad vacuuming every individual tassel on the living room carpet.

When it comes to cleaning, everyone has different standards. No one knows this better than parent and TikToker Ally Cormier (@allyycormier), who recently shared a hilarious video of her husband meticulously vacuuming each tassel on the living room carpet, and viewers have many questions, particularly in the context of his astrological sign.

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The clip opens with a shot of Cormier’s husband in their living room, vacuuming the carpet with a handheld vacuum while their toddler plays in the background.

“Yeah, I would love to go with the flow, but like, what time does the flow start?” asks the video’s audio as the camera slowly zooms in on Cormier’s husband in a trance-like state, gingerly vacuuming each of the carpet’s tassels from right to left.

“He’s dead serious,” Cormier notes in the on-screen text while her husband goes to painstaking lengths to clean and straighten every last tassel.

As the video comes to a close, Cormier’s toddler crawls across the room, reminding viewers that those carpet tassels won’t stay neat for long.

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Viewers found Cormier’s video to be highly amusing and relatable.

“This is the same man that cleans the garage when company comes into town,” joked one user.

“My dad always used a comb, lol,” one TikToker shared

“[I] read that they make fringe rakes on Amazon for this very thing,” another viewer mentioned.

Many were especially fascinated by the astrological aspects of the man’s cleaning habits.

“Gemini sun, Virgo moon, Capricorn rising. Locking in my answer,” affirmed one TikToker.

“I’m an Aquarius, and [I] do the same but with a comb,” shared another astrology aficionado.
While the correlation between zodiac signs and cleaning habits remains a mystery, Cormier ensured viewers that her husband is a Gemini who takes carpet cleaning very seriously.

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