Dad hilariously ‘hypes up’ mom after a long night with the newborn: ‘She lit up’

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After they had their first baby together, this dad became his wife’s best hype man.

Mariyah and Peter Gerber have over 643,000 TikTok followers. The couple documented Mariyah’s pregnancy journey and the eventual birth of their very own “Gerber baby.” Their little one is still in its newborn phase, which means lots of long nights and exhausting days. Peter wanted to show what it was like the morning after Mariah stayed up with the baby for hours.

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“When your wife stays up all night with the baby,” Peter said in the caption.

Mariyah looked exhausted and tired as she embraced their baby in her arms. She wasn’t sure what her husband was up to until he said the magic words.

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“Gotta hyper her up,” Peter said, handing the mom a cup of coffee. “She deserves the world.”

The mother’s face immediately turned from confusion to a beaming smile.

The touching video received 4.8 million views on TikTok.

“If your husband notices and appreciates you for being up all night, he was too. Don’t doubt it,” someone wrote.

“The way she lit up! Love this,” another commented.

“Yes! With the coffee too? Husband for the win. It really is the small things that matter,” a person said.

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