'I could have punched him': Cyclist disqualified for 'unacceptable' act

Riley Morgan
Sports Reporter

Gianni Moscon was disqualified from the Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne cycling race after he threw his bike into an opponent after a crash.

The Ineos rider was in the middle of the peloton on a narrow road when cyclists on the edge took a tumble with 65km of the Spring Classic remaining.

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Moscon became infuriated and tossed his bike into the ditch, but it appeared to hit B&B Hotels-Vital Concept rider Jens Debuscherre.

Debusherre seemed shocked and said he wanted to hit Moscon, but decided to get on with the race.

Gianni Moscon of Ineos was disqualified for throwing his bike, which hit an opponent. (Image: Eurosport)

"I didn’t crash but I tumbled into the ditch and was crawling back out of it, then I had a bike – not even mine – thrown straight to my head,” he told Cycling News.

“The bike hit me with the chainwheel. At that moment I could have punched him. You’re full of adrenaline but then you realise that the best thing you can do is get back on your bike. "

Moscon was later disqualified from the race for “aggressive and unsporting conduct” and was visibly disappointed with the decision as he ripped up his race number.

But later, Ineos’ lead director Gabriel Rasch said they accepted the decision after watching replays.

"I agree with the decision – it’s not something that should happen. It’s not acceptable, what happened,” he told the publication.