Crows delist winger Seedsman in AFL

Adelaide winger Paul Seedsman has been delisted as he continues to battle concussion, but his AFL club plans to re-draft him as a rookie.

Seedsman didn't play at any level this year after being concussed at training in December.

The 132-gamer has conceded his career could be over because of ongoing effects from concussion.

Seedsman, who finished third in Adelaide's club champion award last season, suffered constant migraines and nausea after copping a knock to the head in a marking contest at training.

The Crows on Wednesday delisted Seedsman, who will turn 31 next January, and defender Andrew McPherson.

But Adelaide said in a statement they had committed to selecting both players in the rookie draft on November 30.

The Crows have elevated fourth-year rookies Jordon Butts and Kieran Strachan to their primary list.