The Crow: trailer drops for Bill Skarsgard and FKA Twigs' gory film reboot

After nearly 16 years in the making, a new take on cult comic book The Crow is finally arriving on the big screen.

The trailer for this new film shows Bill Skarsgard starring as the vengeful spirit Eric Draven taking revente on the killers of his fiancée Shelley Webster played by FKA Twigs, after being resurrected.

Before the It actor’s casting, there were hints the role would be filled by various stars including, Bradley Cooper, Luke Evans, Mark Wahlberg and Channing Tatum among others, when the film was first announced in 2008.

James O’Barr’s hit 1989 work was first adapted for the screen in 1994, starring Brandon Lee, which was a critical and box office hit, but was hit by tragedy as its star died on set following an accident with a prop gun.

It was eventually completed with a stunt double using digital effects and it went onto become a success, and three more films were subsequently released in 1996, 2000 and 2005.

Rupert Sanders, who directed Snow White and the Huntsman, is bringing a bloodier and grittier twist to the new version, although the broody gothic look remains.

He told Variety his take on the film was inspired by “the opportunity to make a dark romance, something that dealt with loss, grief and the ethereal veil between life and death and reaching through that.”

The cast also includes Danny Huston, known for his compelling performances in Yellowstone, playing the main villain, alongside Laura Birn, Sami Bouajila and Jordan Bolger

The Crow is in cinemas from June 7