Give it a rest, Warnie

Martin Smith December 5, 2012, 10:31 am

With the silly season in full swing, it makes sense that the Bring Back Shane Warne bandwagon clicked into gear again on Wednesday.

Like clockwork, Warne's delusional cheerleaders dust off their pom poms every 12 months or so to criticise Australia's lack of quality spin bowlers and call for the great man to pull on the baggy green again.

What makes the latest episode of fanciful Warne adulation disappointing is that it was generated by the man himself.

Let’s make one thing clear: Shane Warne will not play Test cricket for Australia again.

He’s repeatedly said that he's happily retired.

And with three children to look after, a wedding to plan and countless other commitments, Warne simply doesn't have the time to play Test cricket.

Whether he still has the ability or not is irrelevant. He's not coming back. He said as much with this tweet this morning: "I was asked 'could' I play not 'would' I play."

So it makes me wonder why Warne said what he did in the News Ltd press this morning.

Any reasonable person would have read those quotes and concluded that Warne was at least semi-serious about making a comeback.

Perhaps he was taken slightly out of context by answering a hypothetical question, but he still said it.

Warne is media savvy enough to know that any comment he makes about a possible return would generate a media storm.

The whiteness of his teeth is regarded as front page news, so an actual news story about the return of one of the greatest cricketers of all time is sure to create a buzz.

Warne should know that speculation about a comeback does nothing but undermine the current Australian team, especially captain Michael Clarke and current No.1 spinner Nathan Lyon.

Warne said he would consider a comeback if Clarke asked him to come out retirement. So there are no prizes for guessing the first question Clarke will be asked when he next faces the media.

Australia's next Test match is just over a week away. The last thing they need is to be distracted by the ghosts of cricketers past.

And spare a thought for Lyon. He did a more than serviceable job against South Africa, taking 12 wickets in a three-match series that was dominated by the batsmen.

But he's still finding his feet at international level and he too will be bombarded by questions about Warne the next time he faces the press.

Warne has been a strong supporter of Lyon's in the past 18 months, which makes his comments even more surprising and disappointing.

Nathan Lyon is not Shane Warne and he never will be. But at the moment, he's the best spin bowler Australia have at their disposal.

We all need to accept that.

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  1. Marcus06:08pm Wednesday 05th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Jonesy mate I'm probably darker than you are lol, but then again, you've got all your other facts wrong! Medicine time again for ya.... ;-)

  2. Lady Gigi10:34pm Wednesday 05th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Nathan Lyon is not the best spinner we have, Stephen O'Keefe is and would be even better if they took a leap of faith with him....

  3. Hunter02:32pm Friday 07th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    jones the mindless cretin at it again but hey he's good for a laugh.

  4. Roger02:39pm Friday 07th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    "Martin Smith was formally Assistant Sports Editor and a sports writer at The Daily Telegraph where he worked for more than twenty years. He has been a member of Essex County Cricket Club for forty years and still bemoans a first-ball lbw decision in a schools match." Yet another whingeing pom who is a neverwas pontificating on a subject of which he knows little.

  5. philip m10:54am Tuesday 11th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Bring Warne back - and Lillee and Thommo too. Maybe dust down the Chappell brothers too. The poms can bring back Ian Botham. There was nothing like Warne, but now he's just a publicity whore and is behaving like a goose.

  6. LeighSydneyChina07:19pm Wednesday 12th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    I think mr jones is a little confused... there is no GB team.... only south african cast-offs..... Talk about Oz getting overseas talent.... Boy.. he is good for a laugh....

  7. Robert07:39pm Sunday 16th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Who is this bloke Jones. He must be the biggest dickhed in the UK. I am a POM and get on quite well with the Ozzies. Hunter, you are right, this bloke is a cretin and should be exterminated and I would like to be the one to do it. Jonesy, give me your telephone no, as Im coming to the UK and woulld like to put you to sleep Dont have a great day you moron

  8. Robert07:50pm Sunday 16th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Who is this wanker Jones He must be the biggest #$%$ in the UK Im proud to be a POM but when I read drivvel like that you truly are a cretin and Im embarassed for you. You must have a very low IQ, something like a kangaroo, which I must say seems to be above your mentality The best advice I can give you is to grow up You truly are an idiot.

  9. Jenny Cohen10:01am Tuesday 18th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Bring back Richie Benaud instead. He is about to retire from commentating, so he would be free to make a comeback.

  10. ur air con is fixed05:59pm Tuesday 18th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    @JONES mate i heard you go on about the same thing now for a few months, its getting old, i know you are a PC warrior and now your stepping up with a mobile number to hide behind, im sure you will get the odd person calling you at 3am in the morning but im badder then that ..........Post your home address so i can knock on your door and we can talk about how #$%$ aussies are to my aussie face !!!




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