Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he hopes the ongoing pay dispute between Australia's cricketers and Cricket Australia is settled soon as he wants the Australian team "on the field beating the Poms".

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Turnbull calls for truce in cricket pay dispute


VIDEO Turnbull calls for truce in cricket pay dispute. 7Sport Turnbull calls for truce in cricket pay dispute

Mr Turnbull met with British Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday at 10 Downing Street where they were asked in a press conference if they had any advice for both sides in the cricket dispute.

In replying Ms May couldn't resist a dig at Mr Turnbull, one day after England recorded their first cricket Women's World Cup victory over Australia since 1993.

"We always welcome every opportunity to play the Australians at cricket and to show them a thing or two, as our women have just done, and I hope we can hear it for the women's cricket actually, which is (of) an excellent standard."

Mr Turnbull said the question "for the first time in both of our careers, has made me feel young again.

Turnbull and May. Image: Getty

"Normally your questions make me feel the pressure of office and the pressure of the years, but you know 40 years ago I was working for Kerry Packer setting up World Series Cricket, so there is a sort of players-administrators conflict that's got a certain ring about it, a resonance about it for me.

"But look, Australians want their team on the field beating the Poms.

"So I encourage both sides to settle it as quickly as possible."

The Australian players want to to keep the revenue sharing pay model of the past two decades, with the possibility of a strike fuelling fears the forthcoming Ashes series could be under threat.


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