Cricket Australia post 'racist' tweet about Monty Panesar

A controversial tweet sent out by Cricket Australia has caused widespread outrage online, with some labelling the organisation "racist".

Racist tweet emerges from Cricket Australia

Racist tweet emerges from Cricket Australia

Shortly after the start of the second Ashes Test in Adelaide on Thursday morning, Cricket Australia tweeted a shot of four fans - Indian men wearing turbans colourfully dressed as Teletubbies, characters from a children's TV show.

The photo contained the caption ‘Will the real Monty Panesar please stand up?!’.

Instantly, the tweet sparked an angry response from followers.

Offensive tweet released by Cricket Australia

Panesar, born in Luton, England, has become somewhat of a cult hero among English cricket fans.

The tweet appeared to mock the spin bowler’s Indian heritage and infamous patka (small turban).

Fans were outraged by the offensive tweet.

Cricket Australia was quick to delete the comment.

Soon after they apologised for the offensive remark by issuing a statement on Twitter.

This is the second controversy involving Panesar this week, after a ground announcer at England's tour match in Alice Springs was sacked for allegedly using an Indian accent when introducing Panesar in the lineup before play.

Tensions between England and Australia are at boiling point as the series has been marred with on and off-field incidents.

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