'Very confronting': Foul-mouthed spray stuns Aussie cricket coach

Justin Langer admits he found a documentary on Australia's cricket team "confronting" as it detailed Australia's recovery from the ball-tampering saga.

The eight-part series, which will be released on Thursday on Amazon, is a behind-the-scenes look at the team's plight from Cape Town to retaining the Ashes in England last year.

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Shot by Andre Mauger who followed the team closely, the documentary is pulled from thousands of hours footage from Mauger and broadcasters.

Langer is at the centre point of that, with the show beginning as he takes over as coach and calling on his own experiences.

"It's very confronting," Langer said.

"But it is what it is. That's actually what happens in the Australian dressing room."

Langer’s role is one of the most revealing in the documentary as he adopted a "we-not-me" approach to revive the team.

A foul-mouthed spray from Justin Langer features prominently in the new cricket documentary. Pic: Getty

The start to Langer’s tenure saw the coach adopt a ‘Mr Nice Guy’ approach to his players but that changed after a matter of weeks when results didn’t go the national side’s way.

The documentary shows Langer’s first post-match spray in the 2018 one-day series in England after a loss in Cardiff.

"Some of you guys have got so many f***ing theories," Langer blasts his team in the footage.

"You've got theories coming out of your f**king brain. None of you are good enough to have that many theories.

"The fielding today was shithouse ... No wonder we have won three out of your last 16."

On another occasion, he enters a back-and-forth with Usman Khawaja around approaches to training, and whether players should be concerned by losing wickets.

"We're not going to accept you getting out, because for the last 20 times in Australian cricket we have had 20 batting collapses," Langer said after a training session in Dubai in 2018.

Langer's heated discussion with Usman Khawaja over training features in the documentary. Pic: Getty

"If you guys are all saying 'this is a bit hard or isn't suiting my f***king style', no worries.

"We'll suit your style when we don't have batting collapses every time you play for Australia."

‘It's an emotional job’

Later in the documentary he admits Australia felt like a punching bag as they feared the double standards if they responded to India's sledging in the 2018-19 home summer.

In the heartbreaking Headingley loss in the Ashes, he is seen kicking the bin over when Nathan Lyon misses the simple late run out before picking up and replacing the trash.

His genuine concern is also there as Steve Smith is struck in the head at Lord's, looking after him like his own son.

"My daughter Sophie, she's watched the first two episodes, and she got this look on her face, she said, 'dad, this is the first time in my life I've ever seen you angry'," Langer said this week.

"And that's okay. I've got nothing to hide. We're human. We've got our frailties, we've got our vulnerabilities, and we just go about our business.

"It's an emotional job and sometimes you're smiling; sometimes you're growling. That's all part of leadership."

With Yahoo Sports Staff