Cricket cult hero's hilarious quiz show fail goes viral

Monty Panesar has been roasted on social media after his performance on a UK quiz show.

The cricket cult hero appeared on Celebrity Mastermind on Friday and delivered a performance that immediately went viral.

For all the wrong reasons.

Panesar delivered a series of bewildering responses in a quick-fire round against the clock.

It started horribly when he managed to get a question wrong that included his own name.

He answered ‘Dreamboys’ when asked “In what 1997 film do a group of Sheffield men become strippers for a night at their local working men’s club?”

The answer of course is ‘The Full Monty’.

Monty Panesar celebrates a wicket against Australia in 2013. (Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images)

He was then asked to name the city where the German football team played its home international matches until 2001.

His response: Athens.

He then said ‘CJ Lewis’ was the name of CS Lewis’ first Chronicles of Narnia novel, before answering ‘Oliver Twist’ when asked what season John Keats was writing about as “fruitful and yellow”.

The episode featured other celebrities and raised money for charity, so we shouldn’t be too harsh.