What would you pay for a VB? The cost of going to the cricket in 2021

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Fans view of the Sydney Cricket Ground.
The cost for a day at the cricket is rising, but will it turn fans away? (Getty Images)

There's a bunch of cricket-mad blokes from Sydney who for years attended a day's play at the SCG New Year's Test.

They'd get to the Captain Cook Hotel at opening, downing a few pre-game schooners before making the short walk to the ground and settling in for all three sessions.

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Money, back then, wasn't a consideration.

Throw in your drinks and food at the ground – on top of the ticket price and transport there and back - and it'd be nothing to rip through $500 over the course of the day.

The group started at around 15 in number but began to decline in later years, not due to a lack of interest in the cricket but because of the financial strain.

"We worked out it was costing us, as a group, around five grand for a day," fan Anthony Davidson told Yahoo Sport Australia.

"So, in the end we decided to pool our money and meet at a pub to watch a day of the Test each year.

"Everyone chucks in $200 each and we eat and drink all day in the comfort of an air-conditioned pub without being ripped off at the ground.

"Obviously it's not the same as being out there but it means the group is back together and you don’t wake up the next day with a huge hole in your bank account."

The cost of a day at the cricket is back in the spotlight following news Justin Hemmes' hospitality group Merivale has won the catering contract for the SCG and adjoining Sydney Football Stadium.

Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney, Australia.
Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney, Australia. (REUTERS/Loren Elliott)

Hemmes said: "The aim has been to provide restaurant quality food in a stadium environment while making sure it's affordable and accessible."

Only the prices of the cheapest food and drink options have been released so far and they are reasonable by the hostage-level demands usually associated with major sporting venues.

Pies and hot chips will set you back around five bucks while a Coke or water is $4.50.

You couldn’t pay me enough to drink a VB but, at $9, the green monster is okay-ish value at gunpoint.

Reschs and Tooheys New is really testing the friendship at $10.20, while craft beers will have your tap and go card convulsing at around the $13 mark.

'Top end' food options pricey at SCG

But it's the "restaurant quality food" areas where you'll really need your mortgage broker.

A bistro inspired by Hemmes' French eatery Felix will cater for SCG members looking to delight the palate with something more edible than a 'dog's eye and dead horse'.

We're not entirely sure of the food line-up but a quick look at Felix's menu reveals a 30g tin of black pearl Siberian caviar will relieve you of $180 while a wagyu steak and fries starts and stops at $69.

There will be other 'top end' food options such as hot Spanish bocadillo sandwiches, rotisserie chicken and deep dish-style pizza.

Premium wines and cocktails will also be available in certain areas for those who prefer their sport to be more a backdrop than the central purpose of their visit.

Each to their own, I suppose, but do you reckon Mr Davidson would have room for one more this year?

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